Leather special glue

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    Leather special glue, glue the polyurethane adhesive leather, leather, can make the handbag, a handbag, has not the general sense of the bag, it is a kind of personality, profession, status, identity, the symbol of taste. Relative to the fashion is concerned, delicate handbags popular longer. This requires when the choice must grasp the fashion trends, a carefully choose handbags have the effect that make the finishing point, it can will you adornment into real has elegant and fashionable good taste of women. Also can reflect a person's identity, status, economic status and character, and so on.

    Bonding leather glue can be used to P218 united model glue. Widely used in various kinds of materials such as shoes, such as moulded EVA, EVA man-made leather and PVC, leather, PU foaming and artificial rubber plastic, etc. Weathering resistance, ageing resistance, heat resistance, not wiredrawing, in the UV light or sunlight, waterresistance resistance is extremely good, strong bonding strength and other characteristics.

Bonding leather glue to use:

1, use dry continous cloth or sand paper will then the dust, grease, remove rust on, again with acetone or three vinyl chloride, cleaning agents to wipe, with clean and then surface.

2, open the cover, then it can be used, but through a glue or brush tu.

3, was then surface drops in a small drops of agents, immediately for bonding, and keep to hardening so far, about 20 minutes can move, after 24 hours to get the highest strength.

4, after use clean up the bottle, and will cover.

5, after use please will glue stored in a cool and dry place.